Monday, May 9, 2011

Full French Presses

Whew! It's been a while! This has been due to life madness and potentially the busiest week of my life that ended yesterday... It feels so good to finally be able to sleep in, have a full french press of coffee (vs. barely time for one cup), make some tofu bacon, and sit here catching up while listening to Derek Brueckner and Aleem Khan interview Mary Reid (the WAG curator and the instructor to the new art class I'm taking 'Writing About Art') on Eat Your Arts and Vegetables.

Speaking of Eat Your Arts and Vegetables, Kara Passey and I will be on it this Thursday May 12th at 5:30pm on 95.9FM to talk about our current show, GORGE, at the Edge Gallery. If you're not able to listen this coming Thursday the interview will be available to download or stream for the next 10 weeks off their site.

So onto the GORGE show - Kara and I had our opening night this past Friday and it was amazing! We held a vegan potluck - not that there was a lot there - but so many great people came and there were great vibes all night. We both enjoy making crafty things so we even have a craft wall full of Kara's cat pillows, 'pussy pins' (buttons with cats on them), small watercolour studies, and my bolo ties. The show will be on until May 18th Monday through Friday 12-4pm so if you're in the city check it out!

And the one of a kind bolo neck ties! I've been making them like a crazy person lately and am currently selling them at Lune Vintage, the GORGE show, and soon Urban Waves. My lovely artist/photographer friend, Ashley Gillanders, and my old roommate/musician friend Alex Campbell and I got together last week and did a hilarious shoot in the art barn bathroom. The art barn is actually an old dairy cattle barn that was transformed into the University of Manitoba Fine Arts Painting building in the sixties, so due to heavy art use, the building is now quite a dive but is very close to my heart. One of the upstairs bathrooms has an amazing blue wall so we decided to use it as the backdrop for our shoot. I couldn't stop laughing at Campbell because when I picked him up to go to the shoot I asked him what sort of shirts he had and he whipped out A DOZEN western shirts! Talk about a prepared model! Campbell has played in and with a plethora of local bands including Jicah, Imaginary CitiesBad Country, The JD Edwards Band, Retro Rhythm Review, and The Freaky Circles, to name a few and has acquired a large collection of these shirts because of it.

Here's Campbell playing keys with Imaginary Cities on tour last year.

And here are some of the shots that came out of our shoot!

* Click to enlarge *

Along with our upcoming interview on Eat Your Arts and Vegetables, Kara and I also sat down for an interview with Taylor Burgess of Stylus to talk about our work. Check out the article here!

And on another fun note I was featured this past Saturday in Dani Finch's 'My Stuff' column in the Winnipeg Free Press. When getting to the photo part after having given my answers I was a little embarrassed to be holding a stuffed animal... at least I was honest with my selections... 

To top off the week, it was Lauren McPhaden's wedding social on Saturday night, which was by far the best social I have ever been to and Day of the Dead themed - photos to come!

Off to another crazy week - if you get a chance go check out the U of M Photography Thesis show (featuring my brilliant bolo photographer, Ashley Gillanders) at PLATFORM Gallery Friday night!


  1. I actually can't get over Alex's western shirt collection. Are these all his? It's unbelievable! I hope he got to keep/bought one of your lovely neck ties to compliment those nifty threads.

  2. Jason! So excited to hear form you here! Yes Alex definitely did get to keep a bolo :) He chose a strange one with a bunch of baby birds feeding and their mouths gaping - he would! And yes they're all his - thats what happens when you play in Bad Country and your gf lives in cow town for 3 years...